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Zenerations has provided a list of resources, petitions, donations, etc for you to learn and share with other young generations today!

This page is not meant for anyone to consume in one sitting and should be resourceful to others, so please keep coming back to learn and support.

Please continue to education yourself and support global issues in our world today.
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Abolish the Death Penalty

As Brandon Benard was killed by the death penalty. Many of us opened our eyes to save people who were at great risk like Dustin Riggs.

As time flies fast and many days to come, we need to help those who are suffering in prison for 10+ years with their treatment of change. Many of these people don't deserve a crucial penalty of death under the Trump Administration who has denied many from being saved.


ways you can help

Help AAPI Communities!

The Asian American Community needs your help!
Recently in America, at least 150% this previous year to now has had an increase to anti-Asian American crimes. These hate crimes have gained an increase ever since the pandemic has sworn in and Former President, Donald Trump insulted the Asian American Community saying COVID-19 is a "Chinese Virus!"

To help the community out, please check out these donations, resources, etc to help out as much as you can.


We have set the GoFundMe links for the family & friends of the victims who have been greatly affected & who need your help the most with the loss of their loved ones.



Indigenous Women

The Indigenous Women need your help!
Please take the time to learn your sources about Indigenous Women, many mothers, daughters are missing.. so donate, look at petitions, help them as much as you can.

Anti Semitism

What does Anti-Semitism mean?
Anti-Semitism is the hostility or prejudice against Jewish people.

This holiday many Anti-Semitism acts happened upon many Jews and were not able to spend their holidays properly. To help understand more about Anti-Semitism, please read these sources down below & also look at our recent Article on the ZENERATIONS website called Anti Semitism 2020.

Femicides in turkey
& istanbul convention

India is dying. any contributions help.

16 MILLION+ cases. 180,000 deaths.

India’s second wave of Covid-19 is rapidly sliding into a devastating crisis. Hospitals are unbearably full, oxygen supplies are running low, people are dying in lines just to see doctors and mounting evidence is emerging that the actual death rate is far higher than the officially reported deaths.

Publicly sourced document collating and constantly updating links to mutual aid fundraisers:

Other Direct Relief Fundraisers (Individual)

Donations of organizations that you can help on: